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Graphic Design

If you are interested in a career as a Graphic Designer, Brand Developer, Graphic Illustrator, Typographer, Printmaker, Art Worker, Advertising Designer, Copywriter, Graphic Artist, Web Designer, Freelance Designer and much, much more, this could be the course for you.


You will experiment with and explore a wide range of contemporary graphic processes, developing original design concepts across the discipline.  Throughout the course you will be encouraged to think creatively, and develop your skills to enable you to exhibit professional quality work at the end of the second year.

What course is it?

AQA Graphic Design GCSE Unit


What will I do? 

You will learn through practical experience, in both individual and group based projects.  Most time will be spent developing project work, learning a range of processes through studio practise, visits to galleries and inspirational locations.  Students will also have the opportunity to work on competition briefs.  


Units include:


  • Perfume/aftershave Project
  • Branding the Band
  • Drawing Practice
  • Introduction to the Adobe Software
  • Typography and Layout Design
  • Graphics Media
  • Technologies and Techniques
  • Image Manipulation Using Computers
  • Graphic Image Making
  • Current Design Practice


What do I need? 

You do not need to have any previous experience, just a creative flare and a willingness to achieve. 


Exam Board

AQA Design and technology: graphic products (4550)



Graphic Design & Catering

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Graphic Design

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Graphic Design Work

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Design Technology/Graphics

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Monster Project

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Graphic Design

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