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Options 2019 - 21

Overview of options process

Over the next few weeks your child will be asked to choose their option subjects for Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11). This can be quite a stressful time for students as they are asked to think about their future pathways and then choose four option subjects which will be suited to them as individuals.

Students have received their option packs which contains two booklets. The smaller A5 booklet, “Essential Information About Options 2019-2021”, has been written by the Headteacher. This should be read first as it contains important information about some of the changes taking place in different subject areas and general advice for students when choosing option subjects. The larger A4 booklet - Options Subject Information - contains specific information about each of the option subjects and the courses that they are offering. At the back of this booklet is the options form which needs to be completed and returned to school during the week Monday 18th March to Friday 22nd March. This will allow time for discussion and for students to seek advice.

In order to help students make the right choices for them, before the half-term break, Subject Leaders from each of the option subjects dropped into Year 9 tutor sessions to give information briefings to students. In addition to this, I delivered a focussed Options Assembly to all Year 9 students.

We have carried out a straw poll this year which students completed during tutor time. The results of this straw poll were studied carefully and have been used to create the option blocks for this year. We aim to please all students with their option choices but inevitably there are some cases where students cannot pursue all four of their preferred choices.

Finally, there are lots of staff who students are able speak to during school time in order to gain advice. These include; Mr Carrington (Headteacher), Ms Ledger (Careers Advisor), Mr Kirk (Year Director 9) and the specialist teaching staff from the different subject areas. I will also be available to answer any additional questions that students may have. Your child is also able and encouraged to discuss their option plans with their tutor during tutor periods.

Paul Boden - Options Co-ordinator

To see the Options Subject Information Booklet, please click here.

To see Essential Information regarding Options, please click here.

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